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Yes, I Tutor Too! (Online/North Bay)

I am a school tutor and music teacher. I have been teaching since 2013, and have a Bachelor of Arts of Music from UC Irvine. I have experience tutoring kids of all levels; some with spectrum disorders. My tutoring subject experience includes:



-Degree: Bachelor's of Arts in Music from UC Irvine

-Tutoring and teaching since 2011

-Earned "5's" in the following AP subjects: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, World History, US History, Music Theory, Literature, Language, Physics

-Earned an SAT score of 2240/2400 (99th percentile, equivalent of 1480/1600 in current scoring system)


  • AP Calculus

  • AP Literature

  • AP Psychology

  • AP Physics

  • AP World History

  • AP US History

  • AP US Government

  • AP Music Theory

  • Spanish

  • Math

  • Language Arts

  • Writing

  • Chemistry

  • Other (ask me if unlisted)

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