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My name is Dylan, I'm a musician, teacher, and luthier based in Sonoma County CA. I perform, teach, and record all over the Bay Area and California. Scroll down to read more about me.

About Me
- Conservatory Trained Jazz Musician
- Accomplished luthier
- Private music teacher for all ages & experience levels

- Based in Sonoma County
- Band leader & composer
- Sings and plays string instruments
- Studio musician and musician-for-hire
- Frequently backs up singers with instrumentals
- Happily (and frequently) travels across California for performances

- Trained in music under: Darek Oleszkiewicz, Kei Akagi, Bobby Rodriguez, Gunnar Biggs, Gerry Pinter, Jason Harnell, Chirstopher Dobrian, Michael Dessen, Kojiro Umazaki, Amy Bauer, Ron Fox, Electra O'Mara, etc.

ka upright/standup bass)

electric bass


JazzSoul, Funk, Blues, Fusion, Rock
Americana, Bluegrass, Folk
Chamber Music, Contemporary, World
& everything in between


Private Parties, Weddings & Events
Wineries, Breweries, Restaurants
Hotels, Resorts, Casinos
Corporate Functions
Recording/Production Studios
Concerts, Public Spaces


I met Dylan after a performance I had done in Healdsburg. He gave me his business card and told me he was available and actively looking for music opportunities. A few weeks later, I called him because I needed a bassist. Having never played or rehearsed together, he showed up to the gig early, and proceeded to breeze through the music like a seasoned professional. Since that evening a few years ago, I have called on his talents numerous times, and the experiences have all been the same. He his a skilled musician who exudes professionalism and humility. Additionally, I have previously recommended him for teaching opportunities and his abilities as an instructor have furthered the potentials of many students. As a working musician and music educator myself, I highly recommend Dylan Juhan, and I am certain that he will continue to exceed expectations. 


-Spike S.

Out of all of the bass students to come through the UCI Jazz Program so far, [Dylan's] playing has taken the most resemblance to [jazz bass professor] Darek Oles'.

- Kei A.

The best bassist you'll find, Dylan's Blue Oak Jazz Band is always amazing. He mixes it up with different instruments for every show, it never gets boring. Would also recommend as a music teacher, super patient and great with kids.

- Lucy M.

Absolutely amazing to work with, both as a musician and a luthier. Dylan did a full setup and repair job on my 100+ year old violin, I couldn't be happier. It's a family heirloom with a lot of sentimental value, and I wouldn't trust anyone else. He's also an exceptional band leader and bass player, shows are always a great time! Do you let self a favor and go watch him play, 1000% worth going out.

- Katie M.

As a musician, he's the only bassist I trust. Seriously talented, always great to play with, this guy is going places. His knowledge of jazz and rock music is way beyond the usual. And he's reliable which goes a long way in the music business.

- Brian B.

Dylan is an amazingly talented performer, and is extremely reliable. He's always willing to take on a job, and enjoys what he does. He's professional, yet he still possesses a very relaxed and friendly personality when interacting one-on-one; this makes him enjoyable to work with, and creates a very comfortable atmosphere. He's a wonderful sight reader, and has a finely tuned ear which he utilizes to follow along with any music. He's committed to his work, and has an incredible sound on bass.

- Sean L.

He has put many, many hours into improving his craft as a luthier. Dylan built his own standup bass, and has worked on/repaired countless string instruments under the guidance of experienced professionals over the years. He has become an impressive luthier, but he is an especially patient and kind teacher. He has a great knack for making his students smile and laugh, while pushing them to want to succeed and grow as musicians.  He cares for his students, and shows a deep love for music. Dylan is an amazing performer, teacher, and luthier. His love for bass and music is very apparent.

- Lauren J. 

I love seeing Dylan perform around Santa Rosa! He puts on an amazing show and never fails to please the crowd. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great music teacher or looking for someone to perform at a venue.

- Rachel A.