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Lutherie & Instrument Repair


I started working in instrument repair when I was 17 and bought my first upright bass on a budget; the bass was damaged in shipping and I bought it at wholesale value from Lemur Music- only its neck completely snapped off, had no sound post or bridge yet, and the fingerboard was warped. After an intensive reconstruction, it's the same upright bass that I gig with to this day.

Please Note: I live in Santa Rosa now - I almost exclusively provide these services locally to the North Bay Area

Luthier Services

Common Setup Jobs

- Restring/Tuning

- Intonation

- Nut file/Truss Rod/String height

- Bridge shaping and replacement

- Tuning peg shaping and replacement

- Fingerboard treatment & polish

- Fret Level or replacement

- Fretboard scallop

- Electronics cleaning or upgrades

- Miscellaneous part upgrades

 (Tuning Machines, Knobs, Tailguts, etc.)

- Full body polish and cleaning

Repair and Restoration

- Crack mending/patching

- Smashed/warped panel reconstruction

- Fingerboard leveling/re-glueing

- Snapped Neck/Headstock/Scroll reconstruction

- Internal structural reinforcement

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