I started working in instrument repair when I was 17 and bought my first upright bass; my new bass had its neck completely snapped off, had no sound post or bridge, and a warped fingerboard.


After training at the San Diego County Music Exchange for seven seven years, I decided to expand my craft in Sonoma County. Scroll down to see what services I offer.



Repair & Restoration Work

Guitar, Bass, Cello, Violin, and Viola Setup

- Restring/Tuning

- Bridge shaping and repair

- Tuning peg shaping and replacement

- Fingerboard Treatment & Polish

- Fret Level or Refret

- Intonation

- Nut File

- Fretboard Scallop

- Electronics Cleaning/Re-Fit

- Misc. Part Upgrade

- etc.

Instrument Repair and Restoration

Cracks in Top/Sides/Back

 Smashed in Top

Lifting Fingerboard

Snapped Off Neck/Headstock/Scroll


These repairs are common, but widely variable.

Need Custom Work?

Please feel free to reach out! I have worked on hundreds of custom repair jobs, and would love to hear about your instrument needs.

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